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Interview: Carmen Souza

  First of all, welcome to Turkey. Carmen: Thank you! We don’t know much about the group members actually. Yeah, we know about you but you have acoustic guitars, Fender Rhodes, acoustic bass, cajon, snare timbales,  brushes effects and lots of other instruments in your band. Can you tell us a little bit about your band? Carmen: Well, I myself play the guitar and the Fender Rhodes and there’s the bass guitarist. He plays the drummer bass and the electric bass. He is... Devamını oku!

Nublu Jazz Festival 2011: İlhan Erşahin’den Nameler

  4-12 Mart arasında Babylon Nublu’nun ev sahipliği yaptığı Nublu Jazz Festivali yıllardır artan bir ilgiyle devam ediyor. New York ve Sao Paolo’dan sonra İstanbul’da ikincisi düzenlenen Türkiye’nin en genç caz festivali Nublu Jazz Festivalinin bu seneki sanatçıları arasında Jose Gonzales’in projesi Junip, Fransız sıradışı caz vokalisti Laika, Nublu klasikleri İlhan Erşahin’s İstanbul Sessions, Love Trio featuring Arto Tunçboyacıyan ve Alp... Devamını oku!

Interview: Hidden Orchestra

Selda: Welcome back again. How did you find the audience at Babylon tonight? Joe: Amazing, brilliant. Yeah, they were really responsive and there was this connection. Selda: Did they meet your expectations or were you expecting something like this? Joe: I was hoping for that. It was better than we hope. It was really good. Selda: You could have been much closer to mainstream with the drums and this musical base. Why did you choose to build the structure on jazz? Joe:  I wouldn’t... Devamını oku!