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Interview: Carmen Souza

  First of all, welcome to Turkey. Carmen: Thank you! We don’t know much about the group members actually. Yeah, we know about you but you have acoustic guitars, Fender Rhodes, acoustic bass, cajon, snare timbales,  brushes effects and lots of other instruments in your band. Can you tell us a little bit about your band? Carmen: Well, I myself play the guitar and the Fender Rhodes and there’s the bass guitarist. He plays the drummer bass and the electric bass. He is... Devamını oku!

Interview: Dengue Fever

    I would like to start with Cambodia… To be honest, I had no idea about Cambodian Rock before I met you. Could you inform us about how you met with the genre? Yeah, this is Ethan (farfisa organ/ keys). This is how I first heard the music in the late 90’s. I was riding in the back of a pick up truck from Siam Reap, where Angkor Watt is located, to Phnom Penh. It was a long dirt road and all of the bridges had been blown up from war. I sat scrunched up in... Devamını oku!

Interview: Arid

You started doing music in the mid 90s, that is the fime when Nirvana opened the door for rock music. Starsailor, Reamonn and lots of groups… you lived in a kind of era which is so important for rock music. Do you find yourself lucky for making music at that era? You know 2000s is not a good time for rock music. Jasper: No, we started in 1996 or something… 97 which was we were influenced by these bands. So by rock music, like Radiohead,  Smashing Pumpkins… It was good... Devamını oku!

Interview: The Gadsdens

The Gadsdens, an indie-pop band from East London has been around for some time, touching our hearts with their melodic, heartfelt songs and velvety vocals. After the release of their first single The Sailor Song in 2009, the band is now at the verge of a big thing: their debut album is soon to be released. The Gadsdens is one of the most promising bands around and one needs to look out for them in 2011. betaarti had the chance to interview with Jody Gadsden, band’s vocalist... Devamını oku!

Interview: Hidden Orchestra

Selda: Welcome back again. How did you find the audience at Babylon tonight? Joe: Amazing, brilliant. Yeah, they were really responsive and there was this connection. Selda: Did they meet your expectations or were you expecting something like this? Joe: I was hoping for that. It was better than we hope. It was really good. Selda: You could have been much closer to mainstream with the drums and this musical base. Why did you choose to build the structure on jazz? Joe:  I wouldn’t... Devamını oku!

Interview: The Lucksmiths

You wouldn’t like to reply your break-up reasons for the 5000th time, so I am starting with this: How do you band members get along with each other now? Mark: Perfectly fine, though I haven’t seen the other guys much lately. I’ve spent a large amount of this year overseas so unfortunately we haven’t had much chance to catch up and reminisce on old times. Haven’t even had a chance to meet Louis’ little baby daughter yet! Though, Marty and... Devamını oku!

Interview: I’m From Barcelona

Although I’ve never been to Sweden yet, it’s on the top of my wish list. As a person who’s interested in Swedish cinema and music, I have to ask the Swedish effects on your music? I’m not sure really, I think I’m more influenced by american music and movies to be honest. But I listened to some Swedish music as a kid… And I guess the swedish metal scene in the eighties influenced me to write strong refrains :) Who are your favourites from Sweden? There... Devamını oku!

Interview: Blockhead

You are pretty active on the social media; especially your blog and twitter account. Your focus is instrumental musically yet you are a good composer of words through these. You have a lot to say, I guess? I guess so. I’m a much sillier person in real life than my music would lead you to believe and I think I’m much more comfortable expressing myself honestly than as this Image my music creates. What would you tell us from the streets of New York? Is music still... Devamını oku!