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Interview: Hidden Orchestra

Selda: Welcome back again. How did you find the audience at Babylon tonight? Joe: Amazing, brilliant. Yeah, they were really responsive and there was this connection. Selda: Did they meet your expectations or were you expecting something like this? Joe: I was hoping for that. It was better than we hope. It was really good. Selda: You could have been much closer to mainstream with the drums and this musical base. Why did you choose to build the structure on jazz? Joe:  I wouldn’t... Devamını oku!

Interview: Oi Va Voi

I remember your words on Myspace with the title “Turkey Rocks” and I know you like this country. Before your concerts in Babylon, you have played in Bursa, Eskişehir and Ankara. What sort of impression have these concerts made on you about Turkey? David: Especially the kind of music we played… The melodies seem to be at home here. We’re truly at home. A great response for every gig and pad… You know fantastic. It was the best ever could have happened. We have had... Devamını oku!