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Interview: I’m From Barcelona

Although I’ve never been to Sweden yet, it’s on the top of my wish list. As a person who’s interested in Swedish cinema and music, I have to ask the Swedish effects on your music?

I’m not sure really, I think I’m more influenced by american music and movies to be honest. But I listened to some Swedish music as a kid… And I guess the swedish metal scene in the eighties influenced me to write strong refrains :)

Who are your favourites from Sweden? There are too many cool bands and singers, though…

Du Pacque.

I think you the first ever band to say “around” when revealing the numbers of the band members! How many are you at the moment? And how do you manage to arrange recordings and live shows?

Life changes all the time, so sometimes people can’t go on tour. We’ve had ten babies in the band since we started… So on the upcoming album we are 20 people live in the studio.

I guess going on tour is better when you are many people, i’ll give you three reasons:

1. You have to use a big tour bus

2. You can’t tour yourself crazy, it’s too expensive

3. When you’re 20 people on tour, someone is always in a great mood

Paralel to above question; what would you say about the perfect album ‘27 Songs’? Is there any other examples of this in music history?

I don’t know… When I got the idea I couldn’t let it go, just because of that. It might be the only thing I’ve been involved in that hasn’t been done before.

Let’s go on with the new album- what would you say about the ‘Forever Today’?

To me right now It feels like our best album! We finally had the oppurtunity to record everyone live in the studio, so this is the first time we’ve captured the sound we have live on record. It was so much fun!

And we kind of took everything back to how we started… I mixed and produced. I also made the cover and edited the first video :)

What does music mean for you? I’m expecting some hearty answer to this…

Musical ambitions is like the only thing I have got since I was a kid!

I have the chance to do music full time now and i’ll never get tired of music. I love to listen and learn from others, or read about musicians lives or maybe watch a great music documentary.

Or just be in the studio and experiment with sounds. Today I’m gonna build a microphone.

Are you or band members involved in some other artistic stuff? Are there any projects under the name of the band? In such a crowded band, there must be many creative brains…

Yeah, new bands pop up within the band all the time.

Some examples: For Fox, Monostrip

I know you have been to Barcelona, how did they welcome you in Barcelona? And after seeing the city, are you still feel like you’re from Barcelona?

Actually Primevera Sound 2006 was our first gig abroad. It was an overwhelming experience! Everybody sang our songs everywhere in Barcelona that summer… For obvious reasons. It was also the first time I was in Barcelona. Great city but too hot for me.

And a couple of words on my favourite son ‘Treehouse’, please.

It’s actually one of my favourite songs, too. I was inspired by a sketch of a treehouse I found when I was googling images for something else. Actually this one: Link.

And I was kind of inspired of the idea that sometimes grown ups need a place too escape to be alone and kind of kids again.

Trivia: At first the whole song was in 6/8 (as you hear in the ending of the song).

But one night on my way home from a local bar i got the idea of doing it in 4/4.

Interview with: Emanuel Lundgren

I’m From Barcelona: Website, Myspace, Wikipedia

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